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Product Warranty

  1. The product warranty period is as stated on the purchase order record.
  2. All warranty is non-transferrable.
  3. All warranty provided is an offsite/walk-in warranty ONLY.
  4. The warranty covers manufacturing and material defects (except fabric parts), existing at or appearing within a set time (not more than 7 days) from the date of purchase or baby’s birth date, whichever is later.
  5. Warranty claims which is according to baby’s birth date will require proof of documents.
  6. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear as well as damages caused by incorrect use, abuse, negligence or ordinary accidents due to carelessness (e.g. drop damage).
  7. All free gift(s) does not come with warranty.
  8. Claims of warranty after the stipulated warranty period will not be entertained.


  1. For repair/servicing, please provide us with photo(s) and/or video(s) via our customer service WhatsApp number 9682 4963. If required, you would have to bring your item down to our office for repair/service works. 
  2. Should there be any charges incurred, you will be informed of the amount prior to proceeding with the repair works. You may then decide if you wish to proceed. 
  3. All repair/servicing services will require item(s) to be placed at the service center for 5-7 working days; provided that spare part(s) are available. If spare part(s) are unavailable, item(s) may be required to be placed at the service center for more than 7 working days.
  4. Once the repair/servicing is completed, our staff will contact you.
  5. You may pay upon collection of your item. Please note that payment mode is in cash only.
  6. You will be given a maximum of 15 days to collect back your item. In the event that you do not collect it within the given period, we will send a final reminder through WhatsApp/SMS. After which, if we do not receive any response from you within 3 working days, the item will be classified as an unwanted item and we will proceed to dispose of it. No compensation/refund will be given under such situations.
  7. The physical repair/collection slip needs to be presented when collecting repaired item(s). Baby’s Hyperstore reserves the right to refuse release of repaired item(s) if physical slip is not presented.
  8. To check on your repair/servicing status, you may call our office at 6844 1123 or WhatsApp to our customer service team at 9682 4963 (WhatsApp messages only, calls will not be entertained)
  9. Pick up and/or Drop off services are available by request and is chargeable at $35.00 per one-way trip.
    • Customer is required to pay the pick-up &/or drop off charges prior to the service.
    • Pick up &/or Drop off services will be scheduled by Baby’s Hyperstore at their earliest convenient.
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